Danny Miremont is one of the individuals who have an extensive knowledge of multiple industry

July 15th, 2010 - Posted by Admin

Any executive businessman can tell you that in order to achieve success in a particular industry, whether it’s dentistry, manufacturing, medicine, sales, or marketing, you must have a sufficient understanding of how that industry works. This is necessary in order to recognize mistakes, make innovations, and create profitable relationships in the industry. While business acumen can take you a long way, you cannot hope to join the elite at the top of an industry without really knowing how the industry works. This is why experience is so incredibly important to so many businesses out there—they appreciate passionate, intelligent, or hard-working individuals, but experience is really quite essential to their needs.

Danny Miremont is one of the individuals who have an extensive knowledge of multiple industry. The construction and engineering industry especially—Mr. Miremont knows them forwards and backwards. He has a working knowledge of several other related industries too. Danny Miremont originally worked in the construction industry for a major general contracting firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During his ten plus years at that firm, he oversaw over $30,000,000 worth of construction projects. When he left he joined the staff at Compliance EnviroSystems as a senior officer. Compliance EnviroSystems is a full service storm sewer and sanitation firm. Miremont also still occasionally works with engineering firms on projects in which their interests and the interests of Compliance EnviroSystems’ intersect.

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